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Twenty seven years of experience in arranging travel for the discriminating traveler should not be ignored. You deserve an agent who takes their time to get to know your travel interests and expectations and only then, to research your destination solely with you in mind. We represent just you, not the travel suppliers.

Travel itineraries booked on public internet sites such as Orbitz, Expedia and Travelocity have been found to average $75.00 more per itinerary than those booked by an experienced travel agency according to a studies conducted by Topaz International since 2001 and in each year found that agency fares were equal to or lower than those offered through online sites in over 91% of itineraries.

Best Argument for Using Travel Agents in Years

The major U.S. airlines may have just provided the traveling public with the best argument for using travel agents in decades.

As you may have read, a large number of the major carriers’ multi-segment itineraries are pricing significantly higher when booked as one ticket – whether booked via the GDS or online – than if each segment had been booked individually as one-way tickets.

For example, on one major carrier, we priced a multi-segment ticket from LGA>IAH>LAX>LGA with a lowest fare of $1,907.20. However, when each segment was priced as a one-way ticket, the individual segments respectively priced out lowest at $335.60, $122.60 and $136.60, or a total of $594.80 – or a savings of $1,312.40.

Because of this complex pricing structure – and to ensure that your clients are in fact receiving the lowest possible fare – it is critical for you to always check multi-segment fare pricing vs. that for each individual segment. By doing so, you have the opportunity to demonstrate that you can offer the best possible service and enormous value to your customers.

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